Everything Happened For A Good Reasons, Everything Is The Best Arrangement From The Universe

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the best present I ever received in my life.

Being a cancer survivor, I had learned to be grateful, appreciate people around me, live in the moment and the most important thing is we can start doing what is impossible now by doing what is possible now. Nevertheless, good health is the key to everything.

I am a relapsed Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer survivor. I was first diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in October 2013, and received the chemotherapy and complete remission on 2014. But in October 2015, its relapsed again, I started the salvage chemotherapy and received the autologous haematopoietic stem cells transplant treatment on 28th July 2016 in University Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and discharged from the hospital on 15th August 2016. God bless, I have recovered again and in the pink of health now.

I’m aspire to teach the future teacher in the university after finishing my PhD study. I believe that integrity is the core value of a teacher and also as a human being, while teaching and leading by example is the best teaching method for a teacher.

I always believe that a good education can change the life of a people, a society and a nation. A great nation starts from the great education in the classroom. A group of great teachers can re-shape the country. Teacher and the student are the souls of the education. A big vision of a country starts with a small act of an individual in the society. One of the key element of an education succession is the student able to think and analyse critically, and able to questions the authority. We need an education revolution instead of reformation in Malaysia. The position of a teacher should be a pride and responsible, and not just a job.

When I was teaching in one of the private university in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I am actively involved in the student activity. I believe that student learning process is not only happened in the classroom, a non-academic activity is very important as well, especially in building the character of the student. We had successfully organized the University Radiographer Day in conjunction with the World Radiographer Day on 2014. After the succession of the event, we noticed some changes had happened among the students. Few of them become more confident, and this was the first time they hold a leader position in their university lives.

When the first time I facing the death, I realized that what I really want is become an educator instead of a scientist, so I stopped my PhD study (Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI study in dementia patient) application from University Sains Malaysia. After I was remission from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in June 2014, I started to teach in private university in July 2014, to gain one year experience before I qualify to apply PhD in education in University Of Malaya. In year 2015 when I finally qualify to apply for PhD, I found out that the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was relapsed. I started the salvage chemotherapy in November 2015. But I still haven’t given up on my dream, I send out the postgraduate study application in April 2016 and finally I get the postgraduate offer from the university in August 2016.

The reason why I change my field of study from health sciences to education is because I strongly believe that,

In Medical Field, Medical Team saves a patient,

In Education Field, Education Team saves a nation.

After recovery from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I want to devote my life to help people. Especially those in the desperate and hopeless situation. I survived in this challenge because of the support and help from my family and friends. The only way for me to pay back to my family and friends is by helping other people. I plan to organize the fund raising activity for the cancer patient in the future of time when my health are ready for it.

Before I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the year 2013, I had participated the CARES activity in University Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The objectives of the CARES are to have fun with the paediatric oncology patient and also to support the caregiver, mostly are the patients’ parent.

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Below are some simple articles I had wrote in my Facebook group during my Blessing Period.


天降大任于斯人也 必先苦其心志 劳其筋骨 饿其体肤 空泛其身
Finally, three months had passed, I am healthy now and back to KL to continue my post graduate study.
Again, thank everyone, without your guy, I don’t think I can pass this challenge with flying colour^^
No one can re-start their life again, but everyone can start from today.



Dear family and friends,
Time to update again.
Finally I was discharged from the hospital, now I need to rest at home for at least 3months, to let my immune system and blood stream system to fully recovered, as the high dose chemotherapy during the autologous stem cells transplant had killed all my bone marrow. Which means now I’m reborn, I’m a newly reborn baby, I’m survived, I’m cancer survivor.
Dear all, thanks for your support, thank you.
谢谢大家, 谢谢。



Dear family and friends,
Latest update, i had admitted to the hospital since last Tuesday, and had finished the high dose chemotherapy yesterday. Today is a rest day, then tomorrow i will have the stem cells transplant. After that i will need to stay in the hospital for 14days before discharged.

Thanks for your support and help, i am glad to have you all as my family and friends, 有你们真好^^
Thanks everyone for your help and support, i am glad to have you all, 有你们真好



Dear family and friends,
Is time to update again.
Finally, i will have my last treatment on 25/7/2016, the autologous stem cells transplant. I will be admitted to the UMMC for 2 – 3 weeks for the treatment. After the transplant, i will need to rest 3 – 6 months.
Thanks for your support. Thanks a lot.
天降大任于斯人也 必先苦其心志 劳其筋骨 饿其体肤 空泛其身



Dear friends,
Thanks for your support.
I’m admitted to UMMC yesterday,will start my last chemotherapy today. The chemotherapy take four days to finish, so I will discharge on Saturday morning.
After this chemotherapy, I will do the autologous stem cells transplant in July. Finally, it is near and nearer, yes!!



Dear all,
Thanks for your support, is time for me to update the group.
I had finished four cycles of ICE chemotherapy on 25/2/2016 and done a PET/CT scan at PUTRAJAYA Hospital at the end of March. While waiting for the PET/CT scan, on 25/3/2016, I notice that they was new enlargement of lymph node on my left neck. UMMC received my PET/CT report at the end of April and the report shown that my body still have active naughty cells (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma). The specialist told me that my body have no response to ICE Chemotherapy and suggest me to use a new drug, which is Brentoximah Vedotin, which cost about RM240,000 for four cycles of treatment. I told the specialist I will give them answer next week. But what happen next was, after one week when i went back to the clinic again, this time the specialist was a professor, he relook on my PET/CT report again and told me that my body have response to the ICE chemotherapy, but still have few little nodes in the body, which only need extra two more chemotherapy to cure it. I had asked for second opinion from the oncologist from the Mt. Mirium Hospital, Penang, the oncologist also gave the same suggestion.
So now, I am receiving treatment in UMMC. The drug used was IGEV and I had done one cycle of chemotherapy last week. And another chemotherapy will be on the middle or end of this month. After all the naughty cells in my body is gone, I will receive the autologous stem cell transplant. Yes, finally, very soon!!!
What I had learn is worrying is just wasting of time, worrying means you hope the bad thing to become true. I admit I am very worry and scare when I notice the enlargement of lymph node again on my neck on 25/3/2016. Come on, 25/3/2016 was my birthday!!! But turn out it was the best present I ever received on my birthday. I had learn to live moment by moment, and focus on the thing you can do it now, instead of what you cannot do.
At the same time, I just brave enough to share with my parent what happened to me on 3/4/2016, after hiding from them since 2013, for almost 2.5 years. My parent accepted it calmly, and start to support me. After share with my parent, all my stress was gone, I can sleep again at night, no more insomnia. The feeling of became a little son to my parent again is good. We don’t need to be strong all the time, we can share all the challenge we face with people around us, especially our parent.
‘it is OK to be weak, it is OK to ask for help, it is OK for receiving help from other’.
This is the most important thing I had learn in this few month. I still remember, when I receiving the support from you all for the first time last year, I look down on myself, I ask myself why you so weak and need help from other, why? After struggle for some time, I realized that instead of struggle and reject it, why don’t you accept it with gratitude and help other back when you are healthy. So guy, wait for the big charity event to be happen, I am still the CHIA CHI KUAN who like to organize activity, hahaha!!
Before end it, I want to said thank you to you all, thank you for your mentally and financially support, thanks for the visit when I was admitted for the chemotherapy, thanks for the supper (let go Murni, cheese naan satu, mee raja chicken chop!!), thank you for everything. Tell you all a secret, I also had met my THE ONE during the journey of become stronger 天降大任于斯人也 必先苦其心志 劳其筋骨 饿其体肤 空泛其身^^.



天降大任于斯人也 必先苦其心志 劳其筋骨 饿其体肤 空泛其身
Dear all, again, i am very lucky, finish second chemo and my body is getting healthy and healthier. Ops, did i sick, no no, i am just receiving the super duper serious mental and physical training from the Mother of Nature before She assign my calling and mission to me! Yes!!

Thanks for your support, thank you very much,

Merry X’mas (for 2016, hehe ^^) and Happy New Year 2016
Believe in yourself, trust yourself, listen to your inner voice (because your inner voice already know what you want and what really important to you), have faith to your inner voice, follow your inner voice, keep moving forward, and most important, when something not so good happen to you, tell yourself, Everything happen for a good reason, all the not so good thing will lead you to your destiny, to your dream, and you only can connect it when you look back. And also tell yourself, time will pass, all the not so good thing will pass, they are come to pass, eventually the Good thing will happen when your believe it and have faith on it.



Dear all,
Thanks for your support, i am super-duper lucky, my blood count all back to normal range, and today i will admitted to UMMC again for the second mental and physically training (chemotherapy)
天降大任于斯人也 必先苦其心志 劳其筋骨 饿其体肤 空泛其身
Training 2.0 start !
Merry X’mas and Happy New Year
2015 will be my best present
2016 is my gift
Thanks everyone, keep moving forward for your dream, keep moving forward and keep moving forward



Dear all,
Thanks for the support, i just discharged from the hospital, had finish 25% of my chemo, also my mental training!!
Yes!! Thanks guy!
Glad to have you all
go go go jia you!!!



Dear all, thanks a lot for your help, i really appreciated, really appreciated, and thanks my friends.
Today i will admitted to ward to start my first chemo, will admitted to ward until Thursday, in UMMC.
天降大任于斯人也 必先苦其心志 劳其筋骨 饿其体肤 空泛其身

Thanks everyone


Thanks for your help and kindness. Thanks for finishing reading my story.

Everything happened for a good reason, always believe that everything happened is the best arrangement from the universe. Challenging time will pass eventually.

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